Wii Ultra Polymer Power Bank - 2600mAh

Code: GT021

This slim and sleek Wii Ultra Polymer Power Bank is small enough to put into a pocket, yet the 2,600 mAh internal battery can fully charge an iPhone. Its includes a USB to Micro USB connecting cable which can be used to recharge the battery backup or mobile devices and the red indicator light turns on when your device is charging.

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Color Available Pink
Dimension (LxWxH) (mm): 107(L) x 37(W) x 12(H).

Each in a White Gift Box.

Print Type

Silk Screen / UV print.

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-Manufactured by a branded company.

-Built-in Li-polymer battery cell with high capacity. 80% power would be hold after 500times charge and discharge.

-That come with Micro-USB for charging purpose. 

-Powerful smart protection function with the over-charge, over-discharge, overload, short circuit and the lightning protection function, etc.

-Intelligent auto-charging when connected for extra convenient.

-6 months limited warranty.

Stock Available

Colour Quantity Remarks
Blue 0pcs  
Green 0pcs  
Orange 0pcs  
Pink 48pcs T-100 

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